2015, FHD, Color, 60min



Welcome to villages of corrupted pilgrims

1200 years ago, Kukai was said to have walked Shikoku’s sacred 88 temple pilgrimage. Kotaka, upon hearing the rumor of a phantom “village of corrupted pilgrims” in which immoral monks gather, set out on a 1200 kilometer pilgrimage around Shikoku, the duration of which he slept outside. He encounters many people through this story of a legendary village of questionable authenticity. Among them are a veteran pilgrim who has been walking Shikoku for over 20 years, the proprietor of the world’s largest amateur-constructed building, a rock band that sings the Heart Sutra, and others who vigorously live outside the stereotypes of modern society. While past and present, delusion and reality intersect, he finally ascertains the existence of the ever-changing, profoundly mysterious village. It is a dystopia of peace and love. Hints for surviving modern society have been hidden in this “village of corrupted pilgrims.”