2014, FHD, Color, 60min

こたか商店やめろデモ 〜こたか商店の最後の30日間〜


本作は「コミュニティの消失と再生」をテーマに、東京のオルタナティブスペースを運営する店主達や常連客のインタビュー、開催されたイベントなど、3年間に及ぶ膨大な記録映像で構成されている。お店の最終日、地元の警察に見守られながら、店主と仲間たちによるこたか商店に対する自作自演のヘイトスピーチ 「こたか商店やめろデモ」が決行された。

last 30 days of Kotaka Syouten

This is a feature-length documentary which recounts the rise and fall of “Kotaka Shop”, a second-hand shop in Tokyo. “Kotaka Shop” was a small store which had been run by Kotaka up until 2012. It sold little stones which he had picked up, odds and ends, Aum Shinrikyo merchandise, and much more. It was also a meeting place for artists, musicians, writers, editors, and people of many different vocations. However, suddenly Kotaka Shop went bankrupt. This film explores the topic of communities which vanish and are rejoined, and features interviews with shopkeepers who manage alternative spaces in Tokyo and their regular customers, as well as showing some of these people’s meetings, and was composed from an extensive amount of footage recorded over a period of 3 years. On the shop’s last day open, and watched over by local police, Kotaka the shopkeeper and his friends put up a pretend “hate speech” demonstration aimed against their own shop, theatrically performing “Anti-Kotaka Shop Action”.