2019, FHD, Color, 30min

Return of the Poet


In Thailand which has two faces of both tourism country and military state, Kotaka will present a Spiritual sci-fi film about Chit Phumisak.The soul of an anti-government poet who was killed by the government army and revived to the present by the power of Sharman, and Thai guy who had the poet’s soul which were buried, wandering all around the Thailand, especially the capital city Bangkok, northern Chiang Mai, and northeastern part Ethan. Through revolutionary poetry made more than 50 years ago, Focus to modern society.  Music is composed by Arnont Nongyao, a Thai sound artist.


2019「Political Planet X 巡回展」Art Center Ongoing、東京
2019「Political Planet X」CMUアーツセンター、タイ・チェンマイ
2018「Painnale 2018」CMU Art Center、タイ・チェンマイ
2018「Against Apathy to Politics, Recent Japanese Activist-Artist Films」documentary club、タイ・バンコク
2018「RE/FORM/ING PATANI」Patani Art Space、タイ・パタニー
2018「Bangkok Biennial 2018 : Barrak Survives」Whiteline、タイ・バンコク