2019, FHD, Color, 30min



作中の音楽はタイのサウンドアーティスト・アーノントノンヤオ氏による作曲、ポエムは本作で主演をつとめた日本のカルト芸人・元気いいぞう氏が作詞した。 映画では、エイリアンとムスリムが共存する架空の街「パタニー」を舞台に、日本から来た宇宙人研究者とタイ深南部の人々との交流がコミカルに描かれる。彼らの対話によって、タイ深南部の現実と虚構の世界が重なり、ゆっくりと織り混ざってゆく。

Man from a Distant Planet

This “sci-fi” film was made in Thailand’s deep south—the three Muslim-majority, ethnically Malay provinces on Thailand’s southern border—touching on the issue of media control. The “Deep South” of Thailand is known by Thai people as an area prone to terror—violence, bombings, and repressive security response. Director Takuro Kotaka visited the area to research the situation and came up with the storyline of this film. Music is composed by Arnont Nongyao, a Thai sound artist, with acting and poetry performed by Genki Iizo, a Japanese comedian. In this film, a Japanese scientist and Patani aliens come together in comical interaction in an imaginary world where Aliens and Muslims exist side-by-side in Patani. Through the acting of Patani locals and Japanese comedian Genki Iizo, the truth of Thailand’s deep south and the world of fiction intersect.


[Directer]Takuro Kotaka
[Cast] Genki Iizo, Jehabdulloh Jehsorhoh, Adnan Tayeh, Salwanee Hajisamea, Sureena Chema, Korakot Sangnoy, Muhammadsuriyee Masu, Tomomi Kotaka, Notaro Kotaka, Patani Locals
[Music] Arnont Nongyao [Poem] Genki Iizo
[Translation / subtitles] Jeff Moynihan, Thawiphat Praengoen
[Cordinater] Anuwat Apimukmongkon, Adnan Tayeh
[Special Thanks] Patani Art Space, In_t_af cafe & gallery, De’ Lapae Art Space, The R.I.P, The Go-dung, Chiang Mai University, Asian Culture Station, Tidarat Nakbutt, Asdiarna Hasa, Sopida Ratta, Esuwan Chali, Suhaidee Sata, Prach Pimarnman, Amru Thaisnit, Anis Nagasevi, Nordiana Beehing, Muhammadtoha Hajiyusof

2019「Beyond the Final Frontier」Subhashok The Arts Centre、タイ・バンコク
2019「Political Planet X 巡回展」Art Center Ongoing、東京
2019「Political Planet X」CMUアーツセンター、タイ・チェンマイ
2018「Painnale 2018」CMU Art Center、タイ・チェンマイ
2018「Prep-room Drills | Of Place and A Paradox」シンガポール国立大学美術館、シンガポール
2018「Against Apathy to Politics, Recent Japanese Activist-Artist Films」documentary club、タイ・バンコク
2018「RE/FORM/ING PATANI」Patani Art Space、タイ・パタニー