2023, 6K, Color, 40min




2023, 6K, Color, 40min

He can’t use Telepathy

This film depicts the perspective of a minority isolated from Japanese society. Filmed in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, the main character is a man with schizophrenia who suffers from auditory hallucinations and other problems. In the film, the story unfolds in a setting that is the opposite of reality: all citizens except him are telepathic, and he is the only one who cannot use telepathy and struggles with everyday life. In addition to a mockumentary approach that blends fiction and documentary, the film incorporates techniques such as Morse code and subliminal effects in its visuals. The film practices multi-conceptual filmmaking.


照明・録音 : 三重県津市の皆さん
製作協力: 津市久居アルスプラザ、津市大門商店街商業協同組合、キャンプバー・ランタン、wakoo、Sheesha Bar Karlas、雑貨屋CORAZON、PECHKA、sar+、manana、お座敷倶楽部、GEKKA、asobinotuduki、DADA M REBORN、ニコニコ山脈、他